The Story of Willy

What is a favorite scene for every SF movies fan? That has to be a scene where the main character sends himself a message from the future, which disappears after he reads it.

Wouldn’t be great to do it in real life? Now, with Willy you can send a video or photo only your loved ones can see a year or ten years into the future for a limited period of time. 

We have forgotten how much joy the simple things can bring us. We have gotten used to “consume” the messages instantly and mechanically. What happened to the magic of discovery and anticipation?

Isn’t it both great and exciting to get a message and have to wait to see it next Friday? You just can’t wait. The more you wait, the more you’re going to enjoy it.

Make sure your messages get the full attention of people you’re sending it to with Willy. Thanks to Willy your messages aren’t going to be seen and forgotten in a matter of seconds. The waiting game Willy wants you to play is a true joy ride for yourself and your loved ones.

Design and development: Mobiconnect