Willy – Send it to the future

A time capsule app!

Willy is a social app that makes it possible for you to send photos, text, and videos in to the future

About app


Hi, my name is Willy

In case, you’ve been wondering how I got my name, I have an interesting story to share.

What’s the most common word used for future tense? You got that one right. It was easy, wasn’t it? When “will” is combined with “you” – Willy is what you get as a result.

What can I do for you?

Give me your photo or video. Write me a message. I will take them all and send to the future. How?

I’m not a time machine, but I spend a lot of time in the future. I keep your messages there. I show them to your friends and family at the exact date and time you instructed me to do.

I keep my promise. Your friends and people you love can ask me to show your photos and videos earlier, but I won’t listen. Willy respects your wishes and follows your instructions to the tiniest detail.

If you want I can delete your messages once they become available.


I’m your best friend. So, play with me.

Tell when, how long, and to whom I should show your message. Until then, your message is safe with me.

I’m funny and easy to play with. Don’t worry. The waiting game is something that your friends and family will enjoy. Trust me when I say, people are tired of instant messaging. I’m here to remind them that they can find great joy in small things.


Don’t be silly – play with Willy

I live in Apple Store and I just can’t wait to meet you! Your Will you download me right now…

Key Features

Send photos, text, and videos into the future with Willy


Choose a day and time in future your message becomes available from


Choose how long your message will be available


Only the people you choose can see your messages, when and how long you want it.



Delete your messages manually if necessary


Feel free to add friends you can chat with


Feel free to draw or write on your photos

What’s Willy all about?

Facebook uses only the past tense. Snapchat is right here and right now.What about the future? 

It’s not science fiction. It’s a future-focused app called – Willy.

  • <h2>How does Willy work?</h2>

    How does Willy work?

    Set the date and time in the future your photo, video, or message will become available. Choose who’s going to see it and for how long. Willy makes it possible to be in the total control of your content. Your photos, videos, and messages can travel into the future. Your loved ones get a message, watch a video, or listen to your voice, one day, a week, year, or a decade from now. Your wishes are honored and your privacy protected because you determine WHO, WHEN, and HOW LONG will be able to access your content.
  • <h2>Finally, a time capsule app!</h2>

    Finally, a time capsule app!

    You know what a time capsule is, don’t you? We live in the digital age. There’s no need to bury your notes and recordings into the ground. Now, you have an elegant and sophisticated option. Willy is a digital time capsule you have been waiting for! You don’t have to worry that your videos, photos, or messages will perish. They will stay all the same ten minutes or ten years from now. Don’t worry. Your precious information won’t fall into the wrong hands. Your loved ones will be the only ones to see, read, and hear your content, when and for as long as you want them. No one else!
  • <h2>Are you ready to get back to the future with Willy?</h2>

    Are you ready to get back to the future with Willy?

    Willy is a game changer. How many times have you heard or said: Leave me a note or I will make you a video? We all know the answer. Too many times. Yet, you could never make sure that the things will turn out the way you want.

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